Aratrika Deb

Faculty Associate

Aratrika Deb has done her LL.M in Corporate Law from NLU Jodhpur in the year 2017-18 and after qualifying UGC-NET in 2018, joined KIIT School of Law as a Faculty Associate. Her core research areas include International Investment Law, International Arbitration, foreign policy etc.

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Research Interests
Corporate Law
Journals/Conferences :
“Food Law Regime in India: Meeting the Global Standards” at Indian Journal of Law and Human Behavior (IJLHB), ISSN-2454-7107, Volume 4, Issue 2, UGC Index No. 41234. (Print)

“Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 : A Menace or Panacea in the Insolvency Regime” at International Multidisciplinary Research Journal Research Chronicler, ISSN- 2347503X, UGC Index No. 41311.(Print)

“Treatment of Material Adverse Change Clause in the Indian Merger Regime” at Corporate Law Journal (CLJ), ISSN – 2581-3692, Volume 1, Issue 2. (Print)

“Subject matter jurisdictional Issues in Investor State Arbitration” at International Journal for Research in Law (IJRL), ISSN – 2454-8715, Volume 3, Issue 2. (Print)

“Green Tax: Whether an Environmental Reform?” at National Journal of Environmental Law, Volume 1, Issue 1. (Print)