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Tulishree Pradhan has studied in various schools situated in rural, semi-urban and urban areas of India. This per-ambulatory education gave her the chance to observe various sections of society, understand and empathise with people’s emotions, and the real problems faced in their lives. This exposure got her to reflect on questions of Justice, Equality, Necessity and Liberty. In order to pursue her understanding, she chose the Constitution and Administrative Law as her masters specialization. After graduating in Law from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, India she pursued post-graduate studies in Constitution & Administrative Law in Symbiosis International University, Pune, India. Being a science student in 12th with the concentration in Physics, Chemistry, Maths & Biology, a career in LAW came as a challenging choice. After a brief stint at Odisha Bar, her academic career commenced at KIIT School of Law in August 2014. Her academic career as a student in two different Indian law universities has helped her immensely to position herself as an Assistant Professor in KIIT setting. Having spent her formative years in Bhubaneswar and studied in a traditional law university; life and work at KIIT is altogether different. It is a challenging and rewarding experience for her, both professionally and personally. At KIIT, teachers have the liberty to design, create and develop courses that stimulate legal minds; and at the same time pursue their own research interests. Through perseverance and determination to excel in this field of law, not only did she concentrate on her research to understand the concepts, but also always tries to keep abreast with the developments in the field through active participation in Seminars and Workshops both in national and international level. Her participation in the 7th Annual International Conference on Comparative Law, University of Warsaw, POLAND in the year 2017 and 6th RSEP Multidisciplinary Conference in Lisbon at NOVA University of Business & Economics, PORTUGAL in the year 2018 are the new ones. She has been awarded the prestigious Bharat Vikas Award by Institute of Self Reliance (ISR) for her voluntary contribution to the society in the year 2017. Tulishree Pradhan has advanced her research skills by becoming an active member in the Center for Water, KIIT Deemed University and also she is the Research Project Committee coordinator of KIIT School of Law. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this exposure led to an epiphany of sorts. It is during these researches that she could literally think in terms of a multidisciplinary approach and the profound influence it can make in several legal issues related to rights and liberties. The exposure to basic human rights jurisprudence deepened her own perspective on life. The campus life at KIIT promotes diversity in community living. As a localite faculty, she constantly engage with students and at times become privy to facets of their personalities that often do not surface in the formalist set up of a classroom. When not teaching or researching she prefers to lounge around with books. Occasional movies, meditation and of course, soaking in nature’s beauty are some of her other interests. She can speak, read and write languages like English, Hindi, Odiya and Sanskrit.

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Research Interests
Constitution and Administrative Law, Media Law, Environmental Law
Journals/Conferences :
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