Founder’s Message

Today, KIIT University has emerged as an institution of excellence, due to its continuous effort to remain in the cutting edge of knowledge and to innovate newer avenues of learning. Focus on research is a key aspect of this effort.Law Schools across the globe have one cardinal objective: To educate the youth about a science which will always stay viable and which truly and justifiably decides the entire way of living in society. It has always been my dream, to envisage a university where students not only learn their subjects but also live their subjects. With this aim in mind I decided to establish KIIT School of Law. Law is a pedagogy which closely perceives all the aspects of society and subsequently deals with them. I feel that in the field of legal education, students should instinctively apply what they have studied in the four corners of their classroom to whatever their eye may observe in the environment around them. Realizing the importance of mixing law with aspects of finance such as Economics and Business Management is a revelation only 20 years old. It is only obvious that the amalgamation of legal education with the requirements of the corporate world is almost a necessity for the modern-day law student. We at KIIT School of Law strive to mould and nurture students to not only meet but exceed expectations in the field of law integrated with the field of finance. I welcome all those who are going to share the feeling of satisfaction with the success of the KIIT School of Law, and thank all those who have extended and would continue to extend their valued support in achieving our mission.
I cordially invite you to visit the campus and be a partner in its progress.

Achyuta Samanta
Founder, KIIT & KISS