EUROCRIM 2021 European Society of Criminology Conference

Dr. Paromita Chattoraj, Associate Professor and Associate Dean (Academics), School of Law KIIT-DU, Presented two papers from two of her researches on the following titles

1. The Role of Family Structure and Feeling of Shame in Perpetration of Violent Offences by Juveniles. Results from the Third International Self-Report
Delinquency Study (ISRD-3) in Switzerland and India.” At 2 pm (IST)

2. “First Results from the Empirical Study on Investigation and Trial of Rape Cases in Three States of Eastern India” at 6 pm(IST) at the prestigious
EUROCRIM 2021 organised by the European Society of Criminology Conference on 09-09-2021. The talks were very well received by the international Audience and generated lot of applauds and curiosity.