Webinar “Mediation Practice”

Organised by: KIIT Centre of Arbitration
Date & Time: 29th October 2021at 3:00PM
Topic: “Mediation Practice”
Resource Person: Prof. (Dr.) M.R.K. Prasad, V.M. Salgaocar College of Law, Goa
Faculty in-charge: Mr. Aswini Patro
Student Committee: Abhishekh Maitra, Kohilica Nag, Ipsita Rout, Juhi Handique, Arijit Mishra


KIIT School of law organized virtual lecture session on 29th October 2021 afternoon. The lecture was given by Prof. (Dr.) M.R.K. Prasad,. Dispute resolution methods are of five types which come under consensual and third party. Dispute Resolution needs to go from narrow to broader goals for the prevention of conflicts in courts. There are four types of conflicts with two types of indicators of conflicts, simultaneously also having various consequences for participating in conflicts. The difference between litigation and mediation was also covered. The topic of mediation was discussed in detail following its communication, stages, key ethical
issues, and lastly the important points to remember while mediating.


There are five types of dispute resolution methods that come under consensual and third party. In consensual are negotiation, mediation, and conciliation while
arbitration and litigation it is the third party. ADR is required to move from narrow to broad goals of dispute resolution. At first, it might just be right or wrong or a win or loss situation. It might also be personal or for business purposes. Lastly, it should generate a win-win situation where both parties are content so that they could contribute to the relationship community needs. To better understand conflicts it becomes important for knowing their types which are intrapersonal or intrapsychic conflict, interpersonal conflict, intragroup conflict, and intergroup conflict. The first indicator of conflict is when something is wrong or dysfunctional while the other indicator creates a destructive scenario. There are also negative consequences if we don’t follow ADR methods such as distort perceptions, emotionally charged, decreased communication, magnified differences, etc. There is a difference between mediation and litigation. It is compulsory in litigation while voluntary in mediation. Evidence is required in litigation while in mediation it is based on the benefits of both parties etc. Mediation is an informal process where a selected person acts as a middle man to negotiate between disputing parties. The mediator helps both parties to communicate with each other. There are 12 stages of mediation each needed to be followed step by step. There are also key issues that should be in a mediation process which are impartiality, confidentiality, competency, etc. One should always remember while mediating that negotiators need to be motivated and also proper counselling is very much essential.


A Google feedback form was circulated among all the participants of the webinar.
The following is the summary of the responses that have been recorded: –
● All the participants involved in this webinar were the students of KIIT School of Law.
● Most of the participants were fully satisfied with the event.

Alumni Meet held on 10th October, 2021

KIIT School of law organized virtual alumni meet on 10 th October 2021 evening for the 2013-18 Batch. The meet commenced with the welcome address by Prof. (Dr.) Bhavani Prasad Panda, Director, School of Law, KIIT University. Alumni Shared their memories of their journey at KIIT School of Law and also expressed their
gratitude for their successful carrer to their Alma mater. They also shared their experience how the Grand Viva component and class room teaching of School of Law
helped them for their carrer success and specially the Grand Viva which helped them to face the interview process.

Most of the Alumni are eager to help our students with regular career counselling and Alumni Mentorship. They suggested how each of them try to make the Alumni
connect much stronger. Alumni those who are in the litigation and serving in various judicial services want to contribute for the class room teaching and the supply of the original draft petitions and judgement pronounced by the court. Also suggested for training session on Mooot Court and Client Counselling.More than the 45 alumni from across the country had joined the meet, including associate partners, academicians, Judicial officers, advocates.
Faculties of KIIT School of law, especially the ones who have taught the batch, Dr.

Kyvalya Garikapati, Dr. Amrendra Pattnaik, Mr. Jayanta Bagchi,Dr. Rajdip Bhadra Chaudhuri, Ms.Parimita Dash, Ms.Dipanwita Sinha,Mr. Satyanarayan Jena, Mr.
Ashwini Patro, Mr. SthitaPragnya Mohanty have shared their memories with this batch. The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Deblina Majumdar. The alumni meet was organized and moderated by Dr. Amar Kumar Mohanty, the Faculty member for 2013-18 batch and Mr. Shasank Nadi who happens to the Faculty Alumni in School of Law


Catagory Date Events Name
Conference 12th to 13th Jan ILSA
Seminar 17th Jan Privacy: The changing landscape by British Council Calcatta & Dr Venkat Iyer, School of Law Ulster University , UK
Seminar 18th Jan H.R Khanna Memorial Lecture on Rule of Law in the present era by Justice Mohan Pieris, Former Chief Justice, Supreme court of Sri Lanka
Seminar 19th to 28th Jan International Seminar on Crime and Criminology in Recent Times
Seminar 9th Mar Y.V Chandrachud Memorial lecture on corporate law Reforms in India
Seminar 25th Mar ILTES lecture on- Block chain and crypto Assets-Regulatory Framework
Workshop 9th to 10th Nov Special Worshop on Legislative Drafting
Guest Lecture 4th Nov Guest lecture on Foreign Education by Mr Srimoy Mitra & Dr K.L Gupta


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Conference 3rd to 4th Mar National Conference on Curriculum Reform Towards Four + 1 LL.B Programme, MILAT
Conference 25th to 28th Jul Developing Faculty on Innovative Clinical Education aimed at Preparing law graduate to be practice ready
Seminar 13th Jan Seervai Memorial Lecture on PIL, A Boost for Judicial Activism in India- Hon’ble justice Amitava Roy
Seminar 7th Apr Symposium on Skill Development of Law Graduate
Seminar 16th Apr to 13th Apr Criminal Law, Criminology & Crimial Justice in 2st century
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Seminar 6th Sept Understanding the issue of gender violence in the context of Dv Act, 2005
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Seminar 11th Oct Human Rights : Experience and Expectations by Justice Balakhrishnan,formal CJI
Seminar 27th to 29th Otc Banking Law Seminar
Workshop 21st to 23rd Sept Workshop on Advocacy Skills in criminal law
Workshop 5th Oct CBCL workshop on Competition Law
Guest Lecture 15th to 16th Jan Seminar Lecture on Securities Law & Judicial Activism – Prof. P.K. Malhotra
Guest Lecture 16th Mar Criminal Law – by Prof. B.B. Pandey
Guest Lecture 24th Mar Right to Privacy -Constitutional Law – by Sr. Adv. Shyam Diwan
Guest Lecture 4th Sept Constitutional Law, Legislative Drafting on Subordinate Legislation
Guest Lecture 7th Sept Constitutional Law by Prof Faizan Mustafa, VC, NALSAR
Guest Lecture 8th Sept IPC, Prof Dipa Dube, RGSOIPL
Guest Lecture 8th Sept Corpoorate Law Practice by Mr. Samim Ahmed Ranju
Guest Lecture 26th to 27th Sept Guest lecture by Prof N.L Mitra
Guest Lecture 28th Sept Constitutional Law by Prof Faizan Mustafa, VC, NALSAR
Guest Lecture 3rd Oct Rupashree Sahoo
Guest Lecture 5th Oct Legal Methods by Dr Sanjit Chakrabarty
Guest Lecture 5th Oct Corporate Law Practice , Dr Kumarjit Ray , WBNUJS
Guest Lecture 5th Oct Constitutional Law Practice, by Dr Probal Kumar Mukherjee, Calcutta H.C
Guest Lecture 6th Oct NCLAT, Justice SJ Mukhopadhaya
Guest Lecture 6th Oct NCLAT by Mr SC Das
Certificate Course 15th Mar to 16th Apr Certificate Course on Criminal Law, Criminal Justice & Criminology in 21st Century
Certificate Course 7th to 11th Apr Certificate Course on Legislative Drafting, CSRLD
Certificate Course 14th to 18th Nov Certificate Course by Mr Sanjit Hedge


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Seminar 31st Mar A Talk on “The New Face of Communalism: politics of culture & Development in India”
Seminar 11th Aug India’s Freedom Struggle & Development of Nationalism 8th Apr Worshop on Contract Drafting by Pankaj Phadnis, Godrej group
Seminar 30th Aug By Ms. Sadhana Misra, Social Development Officer, KISS.
Seminar 10th Nov Competion Law : Problems and Prospects
Seminar 25th to 26th Nov International Commercial Arbitration: A Boost for World Trade- by P.K Malhotra, Frmer Principle Secretary, Ministry of Law & Justice
Workshop 27th to 31st Jan Social Science Resarch Methodology 8th Feb Public Interest Litigation
Workshop 8th Apr Worshop on Contract Drafting by Pankaj Phadnis, Godrej group
Workshop 11th to 15th Oct Worshop on Research and Thesis Writing
Workshop 18th to 19th Nov AILTC National worshop on Developing LL.B Curriculum in India today
Guest Lecture 8th Feb Public Interest Litigation
Guest Lecture 1st to 3rd Mar Seminar Lecture by Prof Steve Ngo, faculty of law , NUS
Guest Lecture 9th Mar Seminar Lecture by Mr. Ayan Pal, British Deputy Commission
Guest Lecture 9th Mar Seminar Lecture by Mr Amitabh Kumar, Head of Media & Communication, center for Social Research
Guest Lecture 25th Mar Seminal Lecture by Prof Gerd Ferdinand Kirchhoff, prof.Dr. Jur , Justus Liebig University Germany, prof of Victimology.
Guest Lecture 5th to 7th Apr Seminar Lecture by Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas
Workshop 18th Nov Company Law ( by Hon’ble Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya, Chairman , NCLAT.
Workshop 18th to 19th Nov Guest lecture by prof.Dr.NR Madhava Menon
Workshop 25th to 26th Nov International Arbitration by prof Steve Ngo, Chair of Asean Legal Alliance, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution Practice
Workshop 25th to 26th Nov International Law by Dr Justice Dalveer Bhandari, judge , ICJ
Workshop 25th to 26th Nov Dispute Resolution by Antonio Cancado Trindade , Judge ICJ


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Conference 30th & 31st Jan First National Conference on Law & Technology
Conference 12th to 13th Feb Second SILF-MILET Law Student Conference
Seminar 20th to 21st Dec UNCITRAL International Seminar
Wordshop 10th to 12th Feb Law Teachers on Teaching & Research for Globalizing professional legal Education
Guest Lecture 12th Mar Working with a Law firm- from Academics to Corporate
Guest Lecture 14th Apr Corporate Law
Guest Lecture 10th to 13th Dec Criminal Law( Dr. John Winterdyk)
Certificate Course 13th to 20th Feb Certificate Course on Legislative Drafting


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Seminar 2nd to 7th Feb Investment Law on International Commercial Arbitration
Seminar 14th Feb Corporate Social Responsibility in National Insuarance Company Ltd.
Seminar 22nd Feb Consumer Protection Laws: Its Various Dimensions
Seminar 25th Feb Banking Laws and Practice in India
Seminar 11th March Legal Control of Climate Change: International & National Perspective
Seminar 25th April International Human Rights Law: Issues & Challenges
Seminar 8th AUG All India Seminar on Global Legal Education
Wordshop 3rd and 4th Feb Five hours training workshop for 8th sem students
Wordshop 14th Feb Technical session on Mediation as Alternative Dispute Resolution
Wordshop 21st to 22nd Feb “Training Program On International Humanitarian Law Organised by School of Law, ICRC Regional Delegation,New Delhi & Bar Council of Orissa”
Wordshop 21st Feb Workshop on Science and Spirituality
Wordshop 11th March Art of Advocacy
Wordshop 31st Mar to 2th Apr Techniques of Legal Writing
Wordshop 7th Sept Worshop by AV Bagur and Mr. Aditya Bagur
Wordshop 22nd to 25th Sept National Worshop on Legislative Drafting
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Guest Lecture 9th to 11th Feb Constitutional Law
Guest Lecture 10th to 11th Feb Company Law
Guest Lecture 20th Mar Corporate Governance
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Miscellaneous 7th and 8th Feb Mooting Skill Development