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Name of the Centre Centre for Constitutional Law and Studies
Name of the Coordinator Dr. Kyvalya Garikapati
Name of Members of the Centre Ms. Diya Sarkar
Ms. Tulisree Pradhan
Mr. Yogesh Mishra
Mr. Prateek Mishra
Ms. Shreyasi Bhattacharjee
Brief Overview of the Centre(Not exceeding 300 words) KIIT Centre for Constitutional Law Studies and Research was rooted in 2015 with an objective to promote awareness among students regarding the dynamics of Constitutional Law. The prime interest of the Centre lies in promoting the research activities in students in national and inter-college level. The Centre has succeeded in extending its work sphere to doctrinal researches and has also started to concentrate on publishing empirical reports.
Its objective is to create a supportive environment for academic discussion and thought about constitutional matters. And to encourage students of all backgrounds to participate, regardless of their knowledge of the more nuanced aspects of the constitution.
To provide a platform for public discourse and deliberation vis-a-vis Constitutional law. The Society endeavor through the course of its activities to promote awareness about the subject and its importance. The purpose behind the establishment of the Centre is to generate debate and dialogue on various nuances of the subject of Constitutional Law.
Events held by the Centre till date National Level Symposium on the Jurisprudential Trends of Right to Privacy
On November 4th 2017

Guest Lecture By Rajeev Dhawan on Adhaar and the issue of violation of Right to Privacy, On 24th March 2018

National Level Round Table on Contemporary Constitutional Law Developments,
On 18th, 19th January, 2020.

Lectures by Prof. Faizan Mustafa, February 2021
International Conference on Earth Constitution, March 2021

Name of the Centre Centre for Criminology, Victimology and Police Science
Name of the Coordinator Dr. Arpita Mitra
Name of Members of the Centre
  1. Mr. Sidhartha Sekhar Dash
  2. Dr. Deblina Majumder
  3. Dr. Snigdha Sarkar
  4. Ms. Maneesha Mishra
Brief Overview of the Centre(Not exceeding 300 words) The Centre for Criminology, Victimology and Police Science (CCVPS) was launched in the year 2017 to encourage research in criminology, applied criminology and police science among faculty and students. The centre has actively organised international seminars, certificate courses and webinars every year and has already earned a fame for itself among national and international audience and resource persons. Research in criminology, victimology and police science is a neglected domain in research and the active participation of students and faculties  promises a vibrant future with ample research avenues and scope.
Events held by the Centre till date
  1. Certificate Course on Criminal law, Criminology and Criminal Justice in 21st Century, 15th March -18th April 2018.
  2. International Seminar on Crime and Criminal Justice in Recent Times: Issues of Concern, 19-20th  January 2019.
  3. One day International Webinar on Global Trends in Crime & Countermeasures, 13th February 2021.
  4. International Webinar on Law, Brain and Mind Sciences on 2nd May 2021.
Name of the Centre KSOL Centre for Studies in Business and Corporate Law (KSOL)
Name of the Coordinator Ms. Ipsita Das
Name of Members of the Centre Prof. (Dr.) Bhavani Prasad Panda (Director, KIIT Law School), Chairperson, KCBCL
Ms.Ipsita Das (Assistant Professor-II) Faculty Coordinator
Dr.Puranjay Ghosh (Assistant Professor – II)
CS Ms.Pratiti Nayak (Assistant Professor-II)
Mr. Rajdip Bhadra Chaudhuri (Assistant Professor- I)
Dr. Shakti Deb (Assistant Professor – I)
Mr.Amrit Subhadarsi (Assistant Professor-I)
Mr. Umang Ghildyal (Assistant Professor-I)
Mr.Saptarshi Das (Assistant Professor – I)
Brief Overview of the Centre(Not exceeding 300 words) The KSOL Centre for Studies in Business and Corporate Law (KCBCL), as it is known, is an initiative of the KIIT School of Law in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, with the goal of promoting interdisciplinary study in corporate law and allied subjects such as insolvency and securities law etc. Its mission is to offer an effective venue for discussion and dialogue on current topics and challenges in corporate law and related fields in order to develop rational answers and raise awareness among law students and academia.
The visionary aspect of the Centre was to deal with the changing criteria in the fields of corporate studies and research. Primarily, in the year 2017, the Centre’s raison offered a platform to recommend discussions on company legal guidelines, and anatomize on exclusive subjects and additionally expand a hobby in corporate regulation subjects. It is an endeavor to sell the expertise and studies within side the discipline of the Business Law and is an initiative taken with the aid of using the School of Law, KIIT University to assist college students in addition to different stakeholders to evolve the modifications for private in addition to commercial growth. The Centre’s founding purpose is to analyze and examine the enterprise regulation paradigm, to gain that the Centre will behavior numerous sessions, seminars, meetings etc. over the length of time; creating an expertise of realistic elements of company and business legal guidelines amongst students that is going past the scope of school room teaching, which includes preserving the conventional technique of disseminating knowledge, breeding college students specializing in studies and concurrently imparting a breadth and intensity of records specially company legal guidelines and to convey together, from the practicing fields to construct a platform and to gain the top of perfection in corporate education.
Events held by the Centre till date Detail of the events that are conducted by KSOL- Centre for Studies in Business and Corporate Law (KCBCL)

  • 10th November 2017- Topic for discussion: “Competition Law: Problems and Prospects. Guest speakers: with Ms Sibani Swain, IES, Adviser, CCI and Mr V Sriraj, Dy Director Antitrust Division, CCI.
  • 18th November 2017 – A seminar on “Corporate Law: Emerging Issues.” Guest speakers: S.J Mukhopadhaya, Chairman, National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT), New Delhi,
  • 15th January 2018 – A lecture on “Securities” by Prem Kumar Malhotra, Former Law Secretary, Government of India, Chairman Suncap Insolvency Professionals Pvt Ltd, Member of law commission of India, the presiding officer and member of Securities Appellate Tribunal.
  • 16th January 2018 – A Lecture on “Judicial Activism” by Prem Kumar Malhotra
  • 5th October 2018 – Workshop on “Competition Law: Emerging Issues and Challenges”. Guest speaker was Dr Bidyadhar Majhi, Director (Economics) CCI.
  • 16th October 2018 – A special lecture on “Corporate law” and Hon’ble Shri Justice SJ Mukhopadhyay graced the event (currently Chairperson of National Company Law Tribunal) and Mr. SC Das, who is Senior Supreme Court Advocate, a known figure in the arena of corporate law (especially an expert on insolvency issues).
  • 31st October 2019 – The KSOL- Centre for Studies in Business and Corporate Law, KIIT (Deemed to be) University has selected 40students of KIIT Law School to visit the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Bhubaneswar local office on the invitation from SEBI to be a part of “Financial Awareness efforts of SEBI” which is a part of the nation-wide financial education drive aimed at promoting financial inclusion.
  • 15th November 2019 – 3rd one-day national seminar on competition law in India on “Competition Law in India”. Guest speaker- Dr Bidyadhar Majhi, Director (Eco) CCI and Mr. Arpan Sharma Dy Director in Law CCI.
  • 10th April 2021- Topics for discussion: “Anti-Competitive Agreements under the Competition Act, 2002” and “Leniency Regime in India”. Guest Speaker for the Sessions: Dr Vijay Kumar Aggarwal (Senior Consultant, Competition Law and Policy, Lex Indis). Mr. Vaibhav Choukse (Partner, Competition Law, J. Sagar Associates, Advocates and Solicitors)
  • 17th April 2021- The topic of discussion: “Creditors’ Right under India’s New Insolvency Code and Governance Implications.” Guest Speaker: Prof. (Dr.) Indrajit Dube, Professor of Law, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur.
  • 18th April 2021- The topic of Discussion: “Global Trade Policies and Remedies under Multilateral Trade Agreements in post Pandemic scenario.” Guest Speakers: Ms Amshuly Chandran, Legal Counsel, Dan Tan Law; Ms, Ritika Bansal, Indian Economic Service, Government of India; Mr. Jayant Raghu Ram, Principal Associate, Customs and International Trade Division, L&S.
  • 24th April 2021: The topic of discussion: “Pre-pack Insolvency: A game-changer for India.” Guest Speaker: CA IP Nilesh Sharma, RRR Insolvency Service Experts LLP (RRRISE), New Delhi; CS IP Amit Gupta, PCS, Lucknow; and CS S Sudhakar, Reliance Industries Ltd., Mumbai.
  • 8th May 2021- The topic of Discussion: “Critical issues arising from the recent changes in the Companies Act, 2013.” Guest Speaker: IP Amit Gupta, PCS, Lucknow, Vivek Hegde, PCS, Bengaluru & Divesh Goyal PCS, New Delhi.
  • 30th May 2021- “The topic of Discussion: Big Tech and Competition Law- Contemporary issues.” Guest Speaker: Ms Soumya Hariharan, Partner (Competition Law) Trilegal.
Name of the Centre Centre for Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Administration
Name of the Coordinator Dr Paromita Chattoraj
Name of Members of the Centre 1) Ms.Dipanwita Sinha
2) Mr. Sarvesh Shahi
3) Ms. Swati Mohapatra
4) Ms. Lipsa Dash
5) Mr. Yogesh Mishra
6) Selected Student Members from Criminal Law Hons
Brief Overview of the Centre(Not exceeding 300 words) The Centre for Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Administration  is a Centre under the
School of Law, KIIT-DU, set up with the objective of  promoting intellectual discourses and
research in the broad area of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Administration through
various ways of engagement with the different Stakeholders from academia, research, courts, police, prison etc.
Events held by the Centre till date Contemporary Challenges in Criminal Justice Administration and Research opportunities (9th April,2021)
Name of the Centre Centre for Intellectual Property Studies
Name of the Coordinator Ms. Rituparna De
Name of Members of the Centre Mr.. Sudipta De Sarkar
Dr. Shreya Chatterjee
Ms. Parmita Dash
Ms. Sambhabi Pattnaik
Ms. Manisha Maneswani
Ms. Lipsa Dash
Ms. Rituparna De
Mr. Sundar Athreya. H
Brief Overview of the Centre(Not exceeding 300 words) The Centre of Intellectual Property Studies (CIPS) is being founded with a view to integrate a techno-legal sphere of law such as intellectual property. This Centre aims to provide a common platform to research persons, academicians, industry personnel, policy-makers, practitioners and students, to discuss the multitudes of activities relating to patent, trademarks, copyright, and other forms of intellectual properties.
With the growing investment in R&D, exploitation of intellectual labor become one necessary concomitant and integration of the economic motivations with public welfare at large has been felt. CIPS envisages to be responsible for facilitating and commercializing the literary and scientific developments in an effective manner between the creator and inventor.
CIPS being associated to a University understands the need to bridge the gap between the academic and research, publications and inventions, and diffusion of the technology. This Centre shall strive to sensitize these persons who need a mechanism to protect their work under the Intellectual Property regime.
This Centre is founded to carter the needs of practitioner, technologist and academicians. The object is:-
1.To enhance the intellectual property knowledge and research capabilities of the country in general and of The School of Law, KIIT University in particular.
2.To organise campaigns, seminars and workshops to spread awareness about Intellectual Property.
3.To enhance communication between policy makers, organizational agents, academics, and managers on the critical understanding and research on intellectual property.
4.To promote the development of the newly explored research field.
5.Build IPR law database for effectively network between all stake holders and build IPR law community.
6.To develop an automated mechanism to register and protect extant and future IP.
7.To ensure protection of the intellectual property existing amongst the mass myriad and indigenous persons.
Events held by the Centre till date IP WEEK CELEBRATION (19th to 26th April, 2021)