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KIIT Student Law Review : – The KIIT Student Law Review, established as KSLR in 2014, is a non- profit journal has notably come to the frontline for its publications on legal scholarship within such short period. This research platform encourages quality research contributions from diverse fields of law, viz; Research Scholars, Academia, Legal Practitioners, Judges and Law Students to ventilate their valued scholastic researches on crucial and relevant contemporary legal issues. It has expanded from annual to bi-annual to accommodate more quality research products and to reach the readers. It selects 10-12 manuscripts for publication out of total 80/90 contribution for each issue. And it is published by Eastern Book Company (EBC), Lucknow, India

Mission :
– KSLR aims at contriving deliberations germane to contemporary legal issues through precise explication and reappraisal by virtue of Editing.

: – KSLR is mustered by the members of the Advisory Board, Peer Reviewers consisted of distinct Academia, Practitioners, Research Scholars and School Representatives.

Editing Process :
– To warrant the qualitative research outputs meticulous review of structural and substantial attributes of the manuscripts, compositions, coherence, and outstanding significance are considered through double blind peer-review process with strict adherence to comprehensive proofread method.

Submission Guidelines
: – Membership Selection: – The month of January of every year in pursuant to the notification aspirants among the in-House students community are required to participate in the selection process which is comprised of: a) submission of Personal Statement, b) appear in the writing component asking each individual participant for methodical appraisal upon the separately and distinctly assigned facts to each such participant completely based on contemporary legal issues, c) Bluebook citation exercise.

Call for Papers